Johnny Megahan, Software Engineer - Tokyo, Japan


Hello, I'm Johnny.

I like to focus on fitting functional patterns into domain logic. Recently I've done that in Haskell, Javascript, and OCaml.

Here's a link to my reading list, though it is perpetually out of date.

Shibuya, Tokyo is my home, after having spent much of my time in San Francisco, Wilmington, and Pittsburgh.

I am most happy in the back corner booth of a warm cafe.

After some time spent studying Japanese and Category Theory, I am currently working at Coursebase (Tokyo) on educational tools.

Previous to that, I was:

  • Senior Engineer on Uber's Core Web Platform team
  • Senior Engineer on Apple's Music team (for iTunes Desktop, Apple TV Music, and IOS Music)
  • Senior Engineer on Beats Music's Web team
  • Software Engineer at MOG, PBS, and others.

You may find me on social media at the following sites:

You may email me at